Rice Gold 25Kg


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Patanjali gold rice ( Katarni Rice) is processed from select premium quality paddy. 100% pure. Rice is good source of energy. It is cholesterol and trans fat free high fiber Rice.


  • Delicious with unique texture and aroma.
  • If soaked properly, On cooking, the Grains double in size, won’t break or won’t stick together.
  • Low Cost as compared to other Top Brands.
  • Mostly used for biryani and fried rice.
  • High volume expansion during cooking.
  • Easy digestibility and longer shelf-life.
  • Aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking.
  • Excessive elongation on cooking.
  • Soft and fluffy texture of cooked rice.


  • Gold Basmati Rice

Other Product Info

  • Best before-24 months from manufacturing date.