Tomato Ketchup With Onion Garlic-1Kg (B)


Patanjali Tomato Ketchup with onion and garlic is made from selected high-quality tomatoes that are hand-picked and onion & garlic. It supplies essential dietary Iron for the body, which is abundant in tomatoes. It is rich in lycopene. Patanjali contained the highest TSS and Heinz the lowest.


  • Helpful in Ajirn.
  • Addition of Onion and garlic reduce the Weakness of Digestive system & Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Increase appetite value.


  • Tomato paste (35%).
  • Sugar.
  • Edible.
  • Common Salt.
  • Stabilizers (INS 1422, INS 415).
  • Acidity regulator (INS 260).
  • Onion powder (0.1%).
  • Garlic powder (0.05%).
  • Spices and Condiments.
  • Preservative (INS 211).

How To Use

  • The perfect blend of sweet & spicy to go with all kinds of Indian & continental snacks.

Other Product Info

  • Best before-12 months from manufacturing date.