Soya Bean Oil 5Ltr


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Patanjali fortified soyabean oil is a 100 %pure natural oil. Its good for our health. They are made with refining process in which hard chemicals removes with the help of enzymes. Unadulterated and free from minerals and chemicals.


  • Zero cholesterol present in the product completes a healthy oil that gets energy 884kcal/100gm.
  • Patanjali physical soyabean oil is healthy and digestive.
  • It is a good source of omega-3.
  • No trans fat and less saturated fat.
  • It has use boosts immune system.
  • It has used promotes healthy skin and eyes and helps to regulate the cholesterol level.


  • Physically refined soyabean oil.
  • Contains permitted anti-oxidants (INS 319) .
  • Anti-foaming agent (900a).
  • Free from argemone oil.

Other Product Info

  • Best before-9 months from manufacturing date.